Connie Ragen Green on Moneyroom

We met Connie Green through Marlon Sanders. Connie is a former school teacher turned Internet marketer, and a very successful one at that. I’d heard she had earned over $9,000 by promoting just one of his product. That got our attention. Then I discovered she had won all these affiliate contest and then created a product that shared how she did it. Finally, I asked Marlon about her and he did nothing but rave about how cool she was, how she shares so much in her products and with her training students. That got me on the Connie Green train.

I contacted her and told her about the show and what we’re trying to do. She agreed to be our guest and it was a great interview. We now know why she is successful. You’ll discover from where she came from, her struggles to get to where she is now and what’s she loves to do. She’s a delight and a great teacher. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with her.

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Connie Ragen Green on The Moneyroom Show